Drilling Services

Complete water well drilling, pump installation and maintenance in Alaska statewide

Full service drilling services from start to finish
From the initial drilling of a water well, to pump installation and the maintenance and repair of water wells and pumps throughout the state of Alaska, Hefty Drilling Inc. should always be your first choice.
We're trusted by local municipalities, large and small businesses, and residential customers just like you who want the best service at the best price. If you need a new water pump or even would like to support the foundation of a house or deck using piling techniques, we have the capabilities to cover all things well-related.
And the best service is what we strive to provide to all of our customers on every job, every time.
• Well Drilling- Statewide drilling residential & commercial.
• Well cleaning- We use a four step process to remove rust scale, iron bacteria, and sediment to improve well quality and production.
• Pump replacement- We use a quality name brand pump with warranty.
• Constant pressure system upgrade- We can replace your existing pump/system with the new Grundfos Smart flo system, it provides energy saving constant pressure thruout the house hold.
• Well video inspections- We can inspect the well for routine maintenance or to diagnose well problems.
• Well abandonment- We can decommission wells that are not in use per municipal code.
• Well system component inspection- For home resale or peace of mind.
• Piling – We can install piling for house foundations or decks. We drive pipe into the ground that supports the actual deck or foundation. Piling is also done to support
• Service descriptions-complete well system service, well drilling, well cleaning, pump replacement, constant pressure system upgrade, well video inspections, well abandonment, well system component inspection, piling.
  • Full drilling services
  • Full drilling services
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