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When you buy new property, or need water well drilling services on an existing piece of property, call the Alaska area experts first. At Hefty Drilling Inc., we’ve been providing water well drilling statewide since 1979, so we know the terrain like the back of our hands. We are a fully licensed, owner operated company carrying out residential and commercial work. We know what types of equipment works best in various parts of the region, and how to maximize the flow of the water once we’ve successfully drilled your well. And once your well is successfully up and running, we’ll always be on hand should you ever run into problems. At Hefty Drilling Inc., you're in good hands before, during and after your well is drilled.
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Our services

With Hefty Drilling Inc., we provide an array of water well drilling services for our new and existing clients that include:
 • Well cleaning
 • Well drilling
 • Complete well system service
 • Pump replacement
 • Well system component inspection
 • Well video inspections
 • Constant pressure system upgrade
 • Piling
 • Additional services
When you choose Hefty Drilling Inc., you’re relying on Alaska's very best in the water well drilling business. Call us for a free estimate.

Benefits of using well water?

Having a well on your property is better on many levels. Water does not go through chemical filtering like typical city water - providing a more refreshing flavor, well water does not contain chlorine or other chemicals and well water is environmentally friendly. Well water even makes you eligible for tax breaks! How could you go wrong? If you're having difficulties with your well or would like to know more about how your well is functioning then call Hefty Drilling Inc. today and ask for Johnny. We know all about well water drilling statewide in Alaska.
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Why Choose Us?

 • In Business Since 1979
 • Free Estimates
 • Fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded
 • Satisfaction Guaranteed
 • Owner Operated
 • 24/7 Emergency Service
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